Equipment and Spare parts to the can-making industry

Quality in Control represents a number of suppliers to the Australian and New Zealand 2- and 3-piece can-making industry.



Is the leading supplier of seam coating and curing systems for the 3-piece can industry. It is the most widely used system in Australia and their technology is second to none.

Frei AG has also entered the 2-piece market with a new full internal powder coating system.



Is the leading supplier of 3rd party spare parts for the worlds most popular welders.

Their immense experience on the older welding machines and their shortcomings has also enabled them to design and supply innovative upgrades to make the old welders more reliable and faster.


Langhans Innotec GmbH

Was founded by Rene Langhans who was a key design engineer at MAWAG, the famous slitter manufacturer.

Since MAWAG’s sale and subsequent closure, Rene has specialised on slitter upgrades, overhauls and the design of ancillary equipment such as squareness gauging, lacquer margin detection, cocked body detection and blank reject systems.


Quality by Vision

Is the leading supplier of automatic inspection equipment for the can-making industry.

Their supply include seam inspection, end inspection, seamer setup gauges, seaming roller profiling and just about everything else in 2-piece and 3-piece can making.


Sutter Engineering GmbH

Static Frequency conversion upgrades for weld current and wire profiling /chopper to suit all welders. These are superior to other converters and have been installed all around the world with great success.