The means to accurately measure length and speed ........
Non-contact Length Speed Gauge

The range of Laser Doppler Non-Contact Speed and Length Gauges provide accurate measurements

in the toughest production environments. The design uses a Class 3R Laser Diode Source to generate a fringe pattern on the surface of the measured product.

The reflected signal is then collected and processed within the sensor .

The Speed and Length Gauge is an ideal choice for manufacturers producing fast or slow continuously moving products.

Applications requiring a precise Cut-To-Length pro-duction process benefit from the highly accurate non slip Laser Doppler measurement.



- Save material with precise, non-contact, non-slip

   length measurement.

- Determine and control slip between material web and

   drive elements.

- Monitor and control strip speed in real time.

- Monitor and control the speed of one or more parallel

   Webs that need to be synchronised

- Monitor shrinkage or expansion/elongation of the

   strip material during the production (rolling) process.

- Monitor and control speed differences between pulp

   web and plastic blotter screens in paper production

- Detect and control dressing levels in sheet metal

   and foil production. .

- Detect the risks of strip material fracture.

- Cut to length of continuously produced products.

- Replace existing encoder by interfacing with

   equivalent quadrature signal into existing controls.





Wire, Cable, Pipe, Tube, Fibre, Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals, Paper, Corrugated Products, Web Products, Woven & Non-Woven Products, Rubber Tube & Hose, Building Products, Plastic Films & Tapes, Cardboard, Glass, Textiles, Foil, Gypsum Board, Fibre Glass, Composites,  Cement sheet, Timber etc.


- Speed  range 0.3  to  3000 m/min

- Accuracy  0.05 %

- Repeatability 0.02 %

- Depth of field  100 mm

- Stand-off centre distance 250 mm



- 0.05% Accuracy

- Non Contact with Product

- No Slippage

- No Marking or Damage to Product Surface

- No Moving Parts

- No Calibration Required

- Not Affected By Material Surface or Color

- Tachometer Replacement Device

- Robust & Compact Design

- IP65, NEMA4 Protection

- Easy to Install & Integrate

- Economical