The means to measure cross sections of any kind ........
Vision Profiler VP3600 and VP4800

The Vision Profiler system uses flat bed scanners or cameras to measure and tolerance all types of cross sections of small to large objects.

Using either lighting from above or built-in scanner illumination, the Vision Profiler’s high resolution, large measuring field and low cost make it an excellent choice where the measuring plane is flat and has no recesses. The system is ideally suited for measuring profile sections, tubes, pipes, gaskets and stamped parts.

The software offers manual point and click measurements and an optional automatic inspection module for convenient tolerancing using predefined specifications stored in a database.

All images, with or without measurement overlays, can be saved or printed. Results can either be printed or exported to a database

and/or a text file.

VP-Cam is a customized version of the VP that utilizes a camera instead of a scanner to measure objects more suited to that type of image acquisition.



Standard measurement tools

Point-to-point Distance measurement

4-point angle measurement

Maximum clamp (arbitrary,horizontal &vertical)

Minimum clamp (arbitrary,horizontal &vertical)

External edge-to-edge distance

Internal edge-to-edge distance

4-point angle measurement

Maximum clamp (arbitrary,horizontal &vertical)

Minimum clamp (arbitrary,horizontal &vertical)

Radius /diameter (internal &external)


Smart measurement tools

Circular /Figure 8 cable measurement tools

Layer thickness tool

Tube measurement tools

Curve coordinate output tool


Fully automatic inspection and tolerancing

The best way to use the VP3600 software is to use the

automatic inspection procedures (called recipes).

This makes the whole inspection process fully automatic

while removing the possibility of operator errors.

These procedures lock all scanning parameters and

ensure absolutely repeatable independent inspections.

Once created the operator either types in the product code

or selects and runs a recipe to obtain tolerancing and

pass/fail type quality assessments.


- High resolution,large measurement field

- Camera-based system can measure

   recessed dimensions

- Manual point and click measurements

- Automatic inspection module

- Store electronic images of products

- Store results in a text file or database

- Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic

   inspection tools

- Excellent resistance to dust and dirt

- Measure and tolerance all types of cross-


- Flexible, customisable system

- Low cost